Frequently Asked Questions

  • Welcome to PEGZ!

  • NFTs, or Non Fungible Tokens, are unique assets that live on the Ethereum blockchain. NFTs can be anything—drawings, GIFs, videos, music, text. When you purchase an NFT artwork, you are owning a unique contract attributing both the creator and collectors of said artwork.

  • Like with regular meatspace cash, you store your crypto currency in a wallet. Some wallets, such as MetaMask, have separate sections for cryptocurrency and collectibles. You must connect your wallet account to PEGZ via the "Connect Wallet" button in the header menu. Select "Log in" for Metamask, or "Log in with Wallet Connect" for more options.

  • After you've connected your wallet, you will be asked to create a username and to deposit and wrap ETH to your account. PEGZ uses WETH or "Wrapped Ethereum" for all NFT bidding. WETH is preferred by most NFT sites because it's an ERC20 just like any NFT token. Your WETH is available in your wallet at any time. If you bid and do not win the piece, your WETH will remain in your wallet and can be converted back to ETH at any time.

  • A new high bid placed under 10 minutes will extend the auction by 10 minutes

  • You will receive an NFT token (ERC 721 Token Standard) and IPFS files including a Pegz Avatar Image (.PNG), a Pegz Animation (.GIF), and a Pegz 3D File (.GLB)

  • We currently accept WETH as payment for artworks. You will need to link your wallet using an app such as MetaMask and convert some of your ETH balance to WETH.

  • There’s always a next time! There are 100 PEGZ, plus some bonuses and our auctions take place weekly, so there will be other opportunities for you to buy work and support the project. Be sure to sign up for the PEGZ mailing list to stay up on drops!

  • Your PEGZ artwork will be associated with your wallet account, and automatically show up in your wallet. Beyond that, it’s up to you! You can print it, frame it, display it on a screen at home, use it as an avatar, or display it in a digital gallery somewhere in the metaverse!